shoutout to Diana for bringing us to Paris & not getting tickets for fashion week <3

Jack & Satinder, signing off 

Hello to all!! I’m currently writing from the Paris hostel as everyone is preparing to leave for our flight. I am feeling very melancholy about our departure. We are all so excited to see everyone and return to our lives at CSW, which we all miss so much. Simultaneously though, we will all miss the constant hustle and new adventures everyday that we have experienced in both Paris and Montpellier. We were forced to make an early departure from Montpellier due to a planned strike from the national French train services. Though this was a stressful last minute change, our chaperones took quick action, booking us sooner trains and adding one extra night to our stay in the hostel. The silver lining though was that yesterday, we had the opportunity to explore more sights in Paris. We started our day with an amazing visit to the Musée D’orsay. This museum is renowned for its collection of impressionist and post-impressionist works from artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and many others. The museum is housed in a former train station from the 1800’s with grand and stunning architecture that creates a beautiful setting for the works within it. The paintings and sculptures were so beautiful and moving. We all left the museum still in a daze from everything we took in there. That night we had an amazing “final” dinner at a Bistro just a few metro stops away. The food was such a fulfilling end to our big day of exploring, and a delightful last meal as a group. Today we are wrapping up our experience, packing our lives back into checked luggage and preparing for the eight hour plane ride back. Our emotions are heavy but the promise of our long awaited home waiting for us is comforting, and will help get us through. I can’t wait to see everyone back at school shortly!! – (JACK)

It is crazy to think that exactly a month ago we were all packing our bags to catch our flight to Paris. Now, we’re doing the same to get back to Boston — not exactly my dream destination to be flying to, but all good things must come to an end. Coming back to Paris has been a dream, though I still feel bittersweet about leaving my life in Montpellier behind. La Place De La Comédie, Le Jardin des Plantes, and all of the other beautiful, relaxing places in the south of France. Reflecting on Montpellier, I think one of the most rewarding experiences was staying with my host mother; we did not have much in common, but we always found something to talk about. We said our goodbye with three kisses on the cheek, but I didn’t say goodbye to everything I learned from here, ranging from the French language to relevant information in the world.

Yesterday, we spent our day walking around in Paris. We went to the Musée D’Orsay, a delicious restaurant nearby the museum for lunch, to the Catacombs (Diana’s favorite part of this trip), the Bateaux Mouches, and wrapped up the night with a dinner full of laughter and dress shirts. Walking around the museum was rewarding because I saw a lot of Van Gogh pieces that my elementary school art teacher would constantly show us on Google Images, and it just felt nice to finally see them in person. Getting down to the Catacombs took us about 15 minutes, but it was worth being able to walk through the history of Lutetia (Paris). Ensuite, I was so glad that we were able to go on the Bateaux Mouches—we saw the Statue of Liberty! In all honesty, it was a lot smaller than I expected, but I’m glad I don’t have to be bitter about not having the opportunity to see it. I ended the day/night with lots of happiness and lots of selfies.
There is so much more I could say about our stay in Paris this time around, or even about the overall experience, but I can’t find the words to express what I think. While this experience has flew by, all of the relationships and memories I have created will definitely stay with me for the long run. Plus, I don’t see how I can avoid them; I get to brag about how I spent a month in France during my junior year of high school for the rest of my life. On a different note, I have to unpack my bags right when I get back to the dorm and sort what I’ll be bringing back home with me during spring break. The game plan is: Paris —> Boston —> link up with the “squad” —> unpack & sleep —> hop on a bus to New York —> go to New Jersey —> sleep. But, lets hope this all works out—my suitcase is definitely over the TSA weight limit and I plan on making it work—wish me luck! Thank you to Awa, Diana, Charlotte, and others on this trip for the month we have spent together! & of course, thank you to our blog readers! We will be back home soon – wish us a bon voyage! – (SATINDER)
see you soon!

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