Final Destination

Hello world! It’s Michaela and Will, blogging from the lobby of our hostel on our last day in Paris (and France, for that matter)! Today was an action packed day. From the Musee d’Orsay, to the Bateau Mouche, to the Catacombs, we covered it all!

We started off the day bright and early with a quick breakfast at the hostile consisting of warm croissants with a variety of spreads: including but not limited to prunes, mulberry, apricot, strawberry, and orange. As it turned out, rained poured from the sky all throughout the morning. But we stuck it out, and embarked on the cold, sopping wet journey over to la musee d’Orsay. It was Will’s first time in the museum, and he was astounded by the incredible selection of art in the restored train station. Michaela had been to the museum a couple years back, but was exhilarated to return.

Michaela and will shot straight up to the impressionist exhibit, bounding up all five floors to the top of the museum. The moment we entered the exhibit, we were both enthralled. We were both mesmerized by the incredible brush stroke techniques of Monet and Renoir, in particular. After spending about an hour taking in the beautiful artwork in the impressionist exhibit, we headed down to the section to see Vincent Van Gogh.

After a successful visit to the museum, we headed off in the light drizzle to a quaint classic French bistro. After filling our bellies with French goodies, we ran to catch the metro to the catacombs! We dashed off to the depths of the mass grave hidden underneath the heart of Paris. As we went down the spiraling staircase that seemed to last forever, our imaginations swirled to find out what lay ahead. As we took the final step, a cold seeped over our bodies, and we knew we had reached the…… Catacombs. We were blown away— stacks and stacks of skulls covered the walls, forming a sight completely different than anything we had ever seen before.

After our visit to the Catacombs, we got to the metro just in the nick of time to catch the train to the Bateau Mouche, and took a lovely tour of France by boat. It was a peaceful time to reflect on some of the incredible opportunities this trip has offered us. It was an amazing moment to conclude an incredible module abroad in France.

We look forward to seeing you all when we return to the United States!

Signing off ❤

W & M


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