Trains They gøôd

Bonjour from the TGV.

As I write this very phrase, I’m high-speed floating down the rails of the French countryside! Different modes of transportation can really help one experience a new place- looking out of car windows, rolling through town on a rent-a-bike, flying over a city at night, and of course, peering out of a train.

Very special indeed these trains are equipped with the best in comfort technology. They even have bathrooms! Can you imagine? So when you drink waaaay too much water after eating all those tasty sodium filled treats you have a place to pee! Sleep is no problem there’s just a little technique to help even the worst sleepers out, here it is. Begin watching the lively vineyard covered countryside. Perhaps don an appropriate pair of sunglasses to lessen the glare of sunlight. Then pop some great tunes into your good old noise receivers (ears) and recline. Now as you’re watching the countryslide just sloowwly let your eyelids close as your forehead smacks against the cold window and you slip into sleep. Not gonna lie, it’s real cozy! Woke up with a bit of a cramp and Rihanna’s music still echoing in my head to more countryside glistening as we swooshed by. And I’m talking real countryside. That kind of green rolling hills you see in a picture book about where all the good cheezes are made. Horses roamin, goats munchin, sheeps crunchin, beautiful mediterranean roofs zoomin’ by at a pace described as haste. We keep goin! The flattest of farming plateaus gave way to rocky slopes as we skipped off into mountain pastures with a sudden rush of igneous enclosure! Every once in a while we would pass through a beautiful french town with street art directed towards those traveling the tracks.


The trains are just a different thing here just an olympic swimming pool of a difference. Trust me when I say it I’ve had to rush cases full of suits up cramped stairs with angry travellers grumbling foreign obscenities under their breath. The train lands for four minutes and then it flew the coup. Panic is the word of the day on train day. But once everyone has rallied to put all of the luggage into the corners of the train cars, we then relax in sweet smelling velvet seats.  They don’t run late and they don’t wait for you either so you better have your food grilled and ready to roll by the time the whistle blows.  I’ll miss these trains, they seem to know how to get from point A to point B in a flashy fashion.

Nate and Noah


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