a post written by Matt & Austin, but posted by Satinder!

As our journey reaches its close, we all realize that some of us shall be going our separate ways. Though most are going back to their relative homes in Boston, some are to stay behind or go to other places unknown.   I (Matt) shall be taking the flight to Boston tomorrow after which I shall have a good night sleep in my very own bed. I will certainly miss being in such close proximity to such a wonderful group of people. Honestly being among people who haven’t been with me for the last four weeks will be lonely. I’m sure I will say “omg remember when…” and then realize that no one else will remember the “…” as it will probably be something like “when a cat brushed up against Diana’s leg in the Jardin des Plantes and she yelled for a very long time,” or “that restaurant with the ridiculously huge salads that made everyone extremely emotional.” It will be hard acclimating to the school environment, but the two-week break will smooth the transition.

I also foresee myself switching between French and English mid sentence (as I do here from time to time) and then experiencing a full failure to communicate, as not many of my friends at home will understand what I intend to say. I will do much better in French class though! That I look forward too. But speaking French does require an amount of effort and there have been a few times I’ve just had to give up on whatever I wanted to say because I could not translate the words, and I look forward to not having to worry about that.

All in all, I look forward to the comfort of home and the familiarity of Boston. I will miss this place like no one’s business but I will be much more relaxed. This is Matt, signing off



I (Austin) am not going home with the rest of France trip and that is kind of weird to think about. I’ll be meeting my parents in Paris tomorrow morning and leaving the hostile with them and not the group I have spent the last five weeks living with. That is not to say that I am staying here alone, Kate and Noah will be staying in France as well. I am very exited to go on vacation with my parents because I haven’t seen them for over a month but it is going to be very weird to leave the entire France trip family and the new friends I have made within it.

As Matt said previously, I too think it is going to be hard for me to speak solely in English from now on. Tonight’s dinner was solely in French and that came naturally to us all. I know I am going to end up yelling in French from on room to the other while staying with my parents. It’s been amazing to put four years of academic work into use and I have become proud of my language skills so I don’t really want to stop now haha!

I really am looking forward to going home though, seeing my friends, my family, sleeping in my bed, making art, and much more. Anyways, I hope you all have had fun reading along and keeping up with France Trip! Goodnight to you all!


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