Fish Can Be Friends and Food

We (Jeffrey and Rina) are currently on the bus on the way back to Montpellier from Sete. We 90% sure that we are carrying the peninsula’s fishy smell back to Montpellier. The town of Sete is the Boston of France, it’s known for it’s fishing industry but the people here are much friendlier than Bostonians. Sete is the largest fishing town in France and it’s often compared to Venice because of it’s long canals that stretch through it.

We started the excursion by going to a fantastic view point at the top of the peninsula where we got to see the town and it’s surrounding cities. While we were enjoying the view, Jack got too overwhelmed and wound up spilling Awa’s youngest sister, Fatu’s completely full bubble tea. Diana was ready and willing with her selfie stick (fully charged this time). After, we went into yet another church (maybe our tenth of the trip) but in our opinion, it was one of the most beautiful. It was very modern, built in the 19th century, and was decorated with almost street art-like paintings of biblical figures covering the walls.

Next we went to the port of Sete. We were yet again able to experience the magnificent beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. We were slapped in the face by the smell of raw fish. While it wasn’t necessarily the most pleasant smell, it fit the vibe of the city which was covered with seafood restaurants and markets. Some of us tried one of the local delicacies, a small pastry made with octopus and tomato sauce. The vegetarians of the group decided to take a step back.

One of the unique aspects of Sete is that they have their own sport. It’s similar to jousting except instead of horses its two massive boats with a full crew charging towards each other from separate bridges. The goal is to knock the other boats crew off the deck until there is only one boat’s crew remaining. This is done annually in the canal. The water is pretty nasty so that gives people some incentive to stay on board.

We were then given an hour of free time to explore the city and it’s treasures. Some of us went souvenir shopping, some when to try local cuisine, and others walked around enjoying the beautiful weather and the ocean. Even though we were only there for a few hours, we all got a feel for the relaxing fishy culture of Sete. See you guys in a week! Hopefully we won’t still smell like fish at that point. 

XOXO Gossip Girl

(Jeffrey and Rina)


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