Taste ThAt! Wham! Delicous! BLoG it!

Hello and good evening to all our listeners out there,


A group of us have located a pretty special falafel spot here in Montpellier where we maintain an intimate relationship with the proprietors. Each day we arrive to a smile the size of buzzards bay, today we were even given two full free plates of fries! I’ve gotta find the new falafel spot back in the states because goodness gracious I’m hooked! Anyways the ratio of tasty to cost here is optimal! Take a peek at what my colleagues have to say on the matter!


this last week has been a real doozy, and we are all getting a little exhausted and a whole lot broke from buying goods from cafes. Affordable eating has definitely been a fun aspect of living here. There is a lot of stock in finding a 1 euro pizza, or a 0.60 euro baguette and some cheese and camping out in a park. I find myself munching some cheap pasta in a cafe right this moment and I am thankful for seeking out this bargain of a cafe! Across the street from my house I found a really good coffee shop where you can get a double espresso shot for 2 euros! How nice is that! We also did a fun taste test of all these little cup of popular french foods at ILP (our french school) and here is a brrrrrrreak down:


What we ate:


Les Brochettes óeuf de caille à la guacamole

This tasty toasted baguette with guacamole, quail egg, and roasted red peppers is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Salty and sweet, crunchy and soft all balance in the perfect crumbly accordance of an apertif!


The quail eggs were quite zippy and personally I was freaked out by the fact that eggs can be that small! Who knew! But nevertheless the tiny eggs pulled through, accenting the guac and red peppers quite nicely!


Say hello to tasty and cute.  This one is presented quite ergonomically. First you’ve got your toasted piece of bread.  Now how about we throw down an avocado spread for zipping up those flavours into one DElectable DaB of yummy. Next stack the cutest egg you can imagine skewered through with roasted red pepper sandwiching the yumster. Now pop that bad john in your mouth and enjoy for a lifetime!


Les dips de légumes de saison et leur sauce catalane

G0tta say it, we all loved the sauce. Catalogne sure knows how to purée up some veggies. I got emotionally attached to the cute little radishes as we crunched them down with vigor.

I did develop some feelings for the carrots and for the light and crunchy celery, and I super enjoyed a nice dose of vegetables! Put my day around the right way!


Wow, 10/10 would munch again! As a lifelong lover of carrots and all things crunchable (John Wass take note) I savored each clunk of the teeth as the carrots slowly but eagerly met there smushed fate. Yum Yum Yum Yum!!! Wowsa who knew you could literally have your socks blown straight off your toes! Couldn’t said it better than my blogging companion that darn purée really swooped in to put Catalogne permanently on the map! Smooth creamy and somehow textured all at the same time this dip was simply magical.


L’houmous de lentilles au yaourt à la menthe fraîche

Really not your average hummus. Cucumber chunks in the yogurt really blended with the lentil mixture, and the singular mint leaf on top added that extra POP to the flavor.


Completely delicious with all the bells and whistles you could wish for a lentil smoothie.


Oh this one took the cake. I was a little perplexed about what I was getting myself into when I first sighted the gray puree, but it was a good reminder to not judge a food by its appearence!


Le cake rustique au fromage et aux olives

This is no vanilla cake with fondant. This is a dense, hearty cake. This is the kind of cake one would bring on a month’s journey through the wilderness and would only need to eat one bite a day to stay fed. Cheeze and olives in one loaf!

A lovely accompaniment to an already ostentatious spread of foods.  I’d imagine the Greek gods would have a piece of this a day to stay healthy and strong.  This bread/cake pairs very well with a lighter, perhaps, salad based meal.


A little dry for my tastes but nothing I couldn’t handle! This definitely helped me realize the importance of olives in French cuisine!


Les tartines croustillantes à la tapenade comme Ici

This was a fishy one. Puréed olives with oil and anchovies in the sauce, spread generously on a sesame cracker. You gotta be courageous to eat this, but it will pay off if you can deal with its ¨acquired taste¨


I found this to be the fishiest of all the morsels we were able to taste.  Absolutely delicious and easy to whip up for a casual dinner party I might add.  The texture is grainy and soft with the anchovies swinging in for a sucker punch to the tastebuds as a grande finale.


Can’t speak about how this was because I was a little off put by the idea of a fish sauce but for those who munch things with fins I would give it the go ahead!


Le gâteau au chocolat et â la patate douce

Bored of chocolate cake? Want something different? Got a bucket o’ yams sittin around threatening to rot? Sweet potato chocolate cake! All I really need to say!


While I didn’t gobble down the whole piece, the nibble I partook in really screamed tasty! While most people shy away from the land of vegetables for dessert, I’d say that place is worth the risk! You won’t be disappointed with this tasty delight!


Le far aux pruneaux comme en Bretagne

This little prune pastry, skewered for easier consumption, balanced sweet and tart flavors. This is the kinda thing I imagine royalty ate in the middle ages sitting in an obnoxiously large hall with an equally monstrous feasting table, after downing a leg and a half of roast mutton.


Imagine yourself at the head of a table as long as a football field. Now imagine one other person at the end of said table.  Now that person yells down to you “hey have you tried these easily consumable nibblets!?” Well now you have to try them because you don’t want to disappoint your dining companion. Through a system of pulleys and levers at the forefront of medieval technology and far too extensive to explain in this format, a creaking noise erupts as a single 4 kg chunk of the delicacy slowly makes its way across 37 metres of table and drops onto your plate. You grasp hold of the tiny wooden spear fashioned specifically for lowering the tiny fruit cake like treat directly into your opulent mouth.


WOWOW the prune cake gets a green light from this girl that was a tasty one that I would totally eat again!


La soupe des fruits des îles

You may wonder how mangoes ended up in a traditional French tasting. Fruit soup may not sound particularly French, but it sure is tasty. Nice light sugary sour to put a cap on our tasting session. Tasted great! You should taste it!


Have to say this one was my personal favorites! It tasted as though mango gelato was mixed with a bunch of tasty fruits and it was delicious! A nice little sweet treat after lots of little savory snacks.


Very tasty all around stimulating experience for the taste buds. Loved the fruits and the mix of flavours! Although I was left wondering where in France the chef was able to find those tropical experiences, it was not a pressing matter as the tiny cup of sunshine begged my immediate attention.
After all of this taste testing, we headed to a creperie where we all fine dined a little more.

Noah, Kari, and Nate.



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