Des Moments Calmes

Hey everyone! It’s Rina! These past few weeks have been packed with incredible trips and exciting new experiences, which have all been talked about a lot in previous posts. So, to switch things up a bit, I’m going to talk about the most peaceful and relaxing moments I’ve experienced in Montpellier.

The first moment that comes to mind was just the day after we had arrived. After exploring the city in the morning, I met up with a friend (Kate) and we sat in the park together for the whole afternoon. The weather was perfect, and we were just sitting by a small pond, writing in our journals. We interacted with two adorable French toddlers, and even saw a proposal! And even though it was pretty lucky that we got to see that, I felt like I was experiencing real Montpellier culture. The park was covered in groups of teenagers and small kids, people were laughing, playing music, reading, and just relaxing. Even though Montpellier is a city, I find there to be a really calm way of life here. It was really cool to feel like I was blending in alongside everyone.







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Displaying IMG_3432.JPG



Montpellier is fortunate to have beautiful botanical gardens. They have been around for hundreds of years, and it’s constantly being maintained. It’s completely covered in plants from all over the world. The botanical gardens are like nothing else in Montpellier. I think it was two weeks ago, I was with Sheer, Kate, and Maisie, and we walked into the gardens and sat by this greenhouse full of cacti. We were all pretty tired that day, so it started out as us journaling, drawing and painting. We spent a lot of time looking through the videos Sheer had been taking throughout the trip, laughing about all of the funny moments. From that point on we had a really wonderful time! We just continued laughing, telling stories, and making funny videos on Sheer’s camera. I think we were being a bit loud (sorry Awa and Diana) but nothing too bad! Even though we ended up having pretty high energy that afternoon, it felt refreshing to be able to goof off for a few hours with my friends in one of the most gorgeous parts of the city.


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The most recent of these tranquil moments was two days ago, when we visited the beach. If you read Michaela’s and Sheer’s post, part of our day on Sunday was spent at the beach. The view was absolutely breathtaking, at times it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the ocean begun! Being in front of such a magnificently grand view makes you realize how truly small you are. My friends and I ran around, (a few of us got some ocean in our shoes), collected shells, and realized how ridiculously happy we were.













We were sitting for a while, just watching the gorgeous ocean, and we talked about how we know that that moment would be one of the most memorable moments of the trip. Being surrounded by my close friends in such an extravagant environment made me all the more thankful for having this experience!


Thanks so very much for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it!:)






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