happy day :^)

Bonjour Tout le Monde!
Unexpectedly, today we ventured out to three different towns, Pézenas, Agde, and Béziers. While we conquered the cold, we rejected the rain of our scheduled trip to visit Nimes. Hopping from one location to the next in our caravan of minivans the landscapes we drove past were breathtaking. Early in the day, we passed a large oyster farm, our firsthand look at the region’s shellfish business. The multitude of vineyards and other various fields continued for kilometers and kilometers. Each town had its own unique vibes, still with the strong sense of southern France undertones. The cobblestone streets, which we have become accustomed to, framed each town’s structural beauty. 

We reached the small town of Pézenas first and were immediately drawn in by the quiet charm of the stone buildings with pastel painted doors and shutters ranging from baby blues to coral peaches. With our wonderful tour guide, Jeremy, who has been accompanying us on all of the excursions, we were lead through the winding streets until we reached an oyster stand. While few from the group chose to try the well known squirming snack, the rest of us enjoyed a candy break before heading to our next stop for an unfathomable view accompanied by lunch.


As we approached Agde, the pastel colored buildings welcomed us and the Mediterranean glimmered in the daylight. The horizon of complimentary grays and blues smoothly blended with the overcast sky. The wind carried the smell of the salty sea. Wandering the small beach caused a blissful tone to last the rest of the day.


Our final destination was Béziers. First, we quickly viewed the Canal du Midi, which runs through France to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. We then piled back into the vans and soon reached La Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire de Béziers which is a church deeper in the center of the city. As we concluded our walk up the spiral staircase tower, we were met by a gorgeous view overlooking the town. We walked along the balcony which wrapped around the perimeter of the church so we could take in every angle of the meadows and houses far below us.


Overall, today was a day supported by good attitudes and our overall excitement to visit many new locations. Having the opportunity to wander through such enchanting towns was like walking through empty movie sets, reminding us that we are far away from home and everything here is new to us. Today shows the abundance of how many different tastes of culture and history we experience on this mod abroad. We’re looking forward to making the absolute best of our final ten days here in France.

Signing off!

Sheer & Michaela


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